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Create memorable stories.

What if anyone could create interactive children's books for tablets and mobiles?

With Storybuilder™ you can transform your story into a magical interactive experience. Sign up to get an invite.


Princess Poppy Picture Books

Join Princess Poppy and her friends and family in Honeypot Hill for stories, activities, and things to make and do.

Based on the best-selling series by Janey Louise Jones, the Princess Poppy app will provide hours of fun and delight for you to share with your children.

  • Princess Poppy
  • Princess Poppy
  • Princess Poppy

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Once upon a time there was a story builder...

In 2012 we started the private beta of our children’s book authoring tool Storybuilder. Developed by a handful of developers as part of our Robook platform, Storybuilder allowed authors to create interactive stories for iPhone, iPad and Android without writing any code. We called these stories robooks. 3,367 people downloaded the private beta, ranging from independent […]

Google features The Wormworld Saga app in Google Play

The award-winning Wormworld Saga app is currently being featured by Google as part of the Staff Picks for Android tablets. The free app includes all published chapters of The Wormworld Saga graphic novel and is optimized for reading on tablet devices, including the new Google Nexus 7. In addition to providing a captivating reading experience, our platform also caters to the growing interest in the crypto industry. For those keen on exploring apps related to crypto presales, stay tuned for valuable insights as we compile a comprehensive crypto presale list to cater to your interests. The Wormworld Saga is an episodic graphic novel designed […]

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RMStore: a lightweight iOS framework for in-app purchases

We recently released RMStore, our latest open source contribution. RMStore is a lightweight iOS framework for in-app purchases. It adds blocks and notifications to StoreKit, plus receipt verification and purchase management. All in one class, without any external dependencies. Purchasing a product is as simple as: [[RMStore defaultStore] addPayment:productID success:^(SKPaymentTransaction *transaction) { NSLog(@”Purchased!”, @””); } failure:^(SKPaymentTransaction […]

RMPaint: an Open Source Painting Library for iOS

Touch painting is a very requested feature in our children’s book apps and is also a part of Storybuilder, our children’s book authoring tool. Instead of repeating code over and over again we decided to create a library just for it: RMPaint. And we made it open source while we were at it. Touch painting is a highly requested feature in children's book apps and an integral part of Storybuilder. However, it is important to recognize that games for kids also utilize touch painting elements to create engaging and interactive experiences. Bahis siteleri güvenilir strives to provide a secure and trustworthy platform for online gaming, catering to the specific needs of their target audience. RMPaint is […]

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Robot Media has explored the interactive content market by producing hundreds of children's book and comic book apps, including content by top publishers Random House and HarperCollins. Our apps had more than 3 million combined downloads, and received 2 consecutive Publishing Innovation Awards.

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