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Droid Comic Viewer breaks the 250,000 mark in the Android Market

Droid Comic Viewer, the leading Android comic and manga reader by Robot Media, broke the 250,000 Android Market downloads mark this week.

Unlike other landmark apps of the Android Market, Droid Comic Viewer has not been featured by Google yet. Its growing success comes from the strong support of its community, who actively contributes to make it the best comic reader for Android.

Droid Comic Viewer is the de facto comics and platform for Android devices worldwide. It has been localized to 7 languages and uses the ACV open format, which allows creators to adapt their comics for mobiles.

With an upcoming version that includes major feature, performance and usability upgrades, as well as more localizations, Droid Comic Viewer is on its way to become an essential app not only for comic fans, but also for all Android users.

Learn more about Droid Comic Viewer.

One thought on “Droid Comic Viewer breaks the 250,000 mark in the Android Market

  1. joseph verhoeven says:

    dear, i hope i am in the right place for help.
    I am using an Archos 101 IT(firmware 2.4.83 Android 2.2.1) and on this the ACV (Droid Comic viewer) v1.3.10 downloaded from the Archos Appslib.
    The problem i have is that some of my downloaded strips give a problem when viewing: i can see in this case half of the page and the rest of this page is scrambled? I tried this file out on my ACER laptop using CDisplay, and here the page looks normal? But most of my downloaded files (strips-comics) are OK.

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