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Robot Media


Find the Robots!

Can you find all the robots hidden in this app? Unlock them all and share your favorites with your friends.

Discover Christmas robot, Mazinger robot and 8 other cute and often offbeat disguised robots, including the elusive Totoro-bot!

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Which robot is your favorite? What robot would you like to see next? Post a comment and let us know.

31 thoughts on “Find the Robots!

  1. SergioArcos says:

    I found all of them and I wanted to share my conclusions:
    - I think that 8 robots are enough. It was really funny.
    - You repeated the gestures too much.
    - Maybe you should give prizes.
    - When I changed my clock, I lost my previous robots. I do not know why.
    - I think that there are people without buttons in his mobile. Could they complete it without the button of search?

    Well, I really liked it. Next time, you should do it harder, give prizes (a mention? haha) and be ready against reverse engineering ;-). Like a challenge. Good luck!

  2. admin says:

    Glad you liked it Sergio!

    You’re right. We should replace one or more gestures in the next update by something different.

    Most -if not all- official Android devices have a search button, as it is highly recommended by the Android Compatibility Guide. However, it’s not always as prominent as in the latest models.

  3. Silje says:

    I can’t find the three last robots!!

  4. kaitlyn says:

    Yea its cool but like hello in navi is kaltxi and everytime I said it I never unlocked the bot. I think there should be more clues or a help thing I am getting frustrated. another letter… To me was an other letter in the alphabet and I tried them all three times… I give up guessing isnt fun any more. -.- or maybe your app is broke.

  5. Silje says:

    What is hallo in navi??
    What do I have to draw in the midnight-thing??
    Share the christmas-spirit??

  6. admin says:

    @kaitlyn Sorry you gave up guessing. We will consider adding more clues to the next version.

    Hint: The other letter is “S”. In some Android devices the gesture recognition is a bit wonky.

  7. admin says:

    @Silje For the midnight robot you just have to wait (or change the clock).

    We will publish a cheat sheet shortly.

  8. Emily says:

    Great game. I can’t wait for more robots.

  9. Ian says:

    Great game but how do you do the avatar one hello in navi is kaltxi

  10. Silje says:


  11. admin says:

    @Silje Did you try sharing some of the robots? ;)

  12. adamtee says:

    Find the hat? So hard dunno why. Great app. Deffinately want more robots :)

  13. admin says:

    Glad you liked it, Adam. You might need to scroll down to find the hat. ;)

  14. Silje says:

    What do you have to draw in ” hallo in na’vi”

  15. elizabeth says:

    Love it! Just don’t get the snowman one lol, I tried scrolling, doesn’t do anything. Anymore tips? I also want more haha

  16. adamtee says:

    Haha found the hat :) thanks :) got em all :) want more now hehe :) thanks for the hint. Very clever lol. Wicked app guys and amazing job on the robot designs too

  17. Ian says:

    so what is the navi one

  18. Silje says:


  19. Froglips says:

    Hello, I need help with the electric guitar, the hat and the na’vi, please!

  20. Silje says:


  21. Josh says:

    The Na’vi one is really the only one I need help with

  22. Greg says:

    AWESOME APP!!! it was hard but i found all of them, by the way I LOVE TOTORO!!!!!!! favorite movie when i was little!

  23. Greg says:

    can’t wait for more!!!

  24. Anonymous says:

    I can’t seem to find the hat. Help?

  25. admin says:

    Check the Info. ;)

  26. Anonymous says:

    Heh, neat :D found them all. Can we expect anything related in the future?

  27. Jinglebelle says:

    My phone does not have a search button.Is there any other way to get the Avatar robot?

  28. zuza says:

    hi, I need help with a guitar.

  29. calista says:

    To find the guitar , look t the robot body(original)draw a horizontal line againand again.

  30. calista says:

    admin how can I scroll down

  31. les says:

    i need only 3. christmas spirit? the hat?
    i will try the other one after midnight…pls help

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