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The official app of the Spanish Association of Basketball Clubs

The Spanish Association of Basketball Clubs (ACB) released their official iPhone/Android app: ACB (powered by Orange). The project was joint development between Robot Media and Lavinia interactiva, sponsored by the telco operator Orange.

ACB (powered by Orange) provides fans with the latest news of the ACB League, as well throughout coverage of past and live matches.

The app also includes an extensive media gallery with videos and pictures of the most intense moments of every ACB League event.






















A comprehensive database of all players, teams, clubs, trainers and referees completes an indispensable app for any Spanish basketball fan.

A day after its release, ACB (powered by Orange) entered the rankings of both iTunes and the Android Market, making it one one of the most popular apps in Spain. It is currently being featured in the iTunes App Store both on the front page and on the Sports category.

ACB (powered by Orange) is available for free both on the Android Market and the iTunes App Store.

One thought on “The official app of the Spanish Association of Basketball Clubs

  1. Juanfra says:

    Felicidades, esta muy bien la aplicación

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