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RMStore: a lightweight iOS framework for in-app purchases

We recently released RMStore, our latest open source contribution. RMStore is a lightweight iOS framework for in-app purchases. It adds blocks and notifications to StoreKit, plus receipt verification and purchase management. All in one class, without any external dependencies.

Purchasing a product is as simple as:

[[RMStore defaultStore] addPayment:productID success:^(SKPaymentTransaction *transaction) {
    NSLog(@"Purchased!", @"");
} failure:^(SKPaymentTransaction *transaction, NSError *error) {
    NSLog(@"Something went wrong", @"");

RMStore currently supports consumable and non-consumable products. Subscriptions, content downloads and OS X are on the roadmap.

The project is still on an early stage but we already use it internally. The code is well documented, contains unit tests and is released under a Apache 2.0 license via GitHub. Contributions and feedback are more than welcome.