How To Watch Your Favorite Amazon Prime TV Shows And Movies Offline

Amazon Prime Video is one of the best global streaming platforms, that offers its users to watch TV shows and movies easily. Amazon Prime VIdeo invests in the TV shows content, with the likes of Grand Tour, while amazon originals are exclusive to their platform. You’ll need a subscription to access them first.

Streaming movies and TV shows on your mobile are more convenient when compared to the old times. If you are going on a tour or from one place to another where you won’t have an internet connection. Like a plane or a camp in the woods, so that you have to plan accordingly and download the movies or tv shows on your device in advance.

Amazon Prime Video makes it easy to download the content and so that you can watch them later offline.

Note: You can't download the movies and tv shows to your computer. The offline download is only permitted for mobile devices.

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Follow the steps given below, to download your favorite TV shows and movies:

  1. Launch Amazon Prime Video.
  2. Search for your favorite movie or TV show, that you want to download. Tap on it to check the detail of that video.
  3. If it’s available offline, you can see a downward arrow.
    • Tap on the Download arrow, to download the videos.
    • To download an entire season of a TV show, you can click on the “Download Season” at the top of your screen



Follow the steps given below, to watch your downloaded TV shows and movies:

Once you have downloaded a video, you can watch it in the same way you view it while streaming.

  1. Launch the Amazon Prime Video.
  2. Search for the Movie or TV show you want to watch(downloaded previously).
  3. Click on the video title and you can see a checkmark next to the play icon. That means those videos are now available to view offline. 
  4. Finally, click on the play button to watch the downloaded videos.

After watching the downloaded videos, you can remove it from your device to make your storage space free.

Follow the steps given below, to delete the downloaded videos of Amazon prime video.

  1. Launch the Amazon Prime Video app.
  2. Search for the downloaded movie or tv shows, that you want to delete from your device.
  3. Tap on the options button right of the Downloaded message icon, and then tap Delete Download.
  4. If you want to delete a TV show episode, tap the checkmark and it shows the Delete.


If you have trouble or queries, while download or watching videos from amazon prime video, ask them in the comment section.

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