Err_Cache_Miss In Google Chrome [Error Fixed]

Are you receiving the “Err_Cache_Miss” message and wondering how to fix this? And also what does this mean? This occurs when you are on a browser and it has difficulty in caching a site. There are many reasons for this error and lucky for you, most of them can be fixed with a little bit of troubleshooting. Sometimes the problem may occur due to bad coding on the website, while other times, it could be that the application has become corrupt.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to resolve the err_cache_miss error on your google chrome browser. 

Step By Step Guide To Fix Err_Cache_Miss Error

Resolve Poor Internet Connection 

Sometimes it is noted as an internet connection issue. To double-check, go to another website or browser to check if you can access the sites properly.

Resubmit your Form from the Beginning 

When submitting long forms such as payment details, application forms or other types of forms with multiple pages with inputs needed, the err_cache_miss error may occur. With a ton of dynamic elements, the browser may not cache the site. Sometimes it could be due to security reasons or disconnect in server.

This is why you’ll see pages that tell you not to press the back button once you’ve submitted a form. To resolve, you have to go from the very beginning the form, fill out all of the details of the pages and resubmit. 

Broken Bookmark Links 

Every time you save links to your bookmark, your computer is saving the cache of each website to keep the speed up when loading. But sometimes you may receive an err_cache_miss error.

To resolve simply, copy the URL to another browser or tab to see if it works. Sometimes it’ll redirect to a new URL. If the website domain has changed URL, sometimes the message occurs if you try to directly access it from the bookmark link. If it still doesn’t work, likely the URL link is no longer available. 

Check to See if Your Browser is Working 

In rare cases, your internet might be okay. And the web pages might be totally working. However, you may want to check if your web browser application is functioning. If you have already checked the above, go to a different browser to double-check the website works. If it does, then you’ll have to delete and reinstall your chrome app. Doing this will fix the Browser issue you may have. 

Clearing Cache and History from Your Google Chrome

Having an overload in history and cache causes you to see the “err_cache_miss.” 

Step 1) Go to your Google Chrome browser and press Ctrl and H keys at the same time. 

Or you select the 3 dots on the right-hand corner of your Chrome browser, then select history with the dropdown menu. Then tap on History again. 

Step 2) A history page will appear and tap on Clear browsing data. Make sure the following are checked off: 

  • Browsing history
  • Cookies and other site data 
  • Cached images and files

Then make sure that the Time range is selected at “All Time.” Now select Clear Data. 

Once you’ve done that, you’ll likely have solved the issue. Out of all the troubleshoot solutions, this is probably the most common fix. 

Use Developer Tools 

Google Chrome has a developer tools option that may fix browser-related issues. If you see a webpage showing the err_cache_miss error, then press Ctrl, Shift and I at the same time. Afterward, press the F1 key and go to Preferences. Next, you’ll find the subheading labeled as Network and tap on the Disable Cache option. 

Once you’ve finished, try to refresh that webpage.

Disable Chrome Extensions 

Though Chrome Extensions have been a very genius invention when it comes to making our lives more efficient and providing us with new capabilities. It also has a tendency to crash your webpages causing you to receive an err_cache_miss error. 

To do this open up your Chrome Browser. Then tap on the 3 dots on the right-hand corner of your browser. Then scroll down to select More Tools. Then select Extensions. As you browse through all of your extensions, turn off all installed extensions.

If you’ve been using Chrome for years, you might’ve accidentally changed some of your default settings through 3rd party software without your knowledge. 

Step 1: Go to  “chrome://settings/reset”. Then select the “Reset” option to reset browse to the initial settings.

Step 2: Go to “chrome://flags/” in the address bar. Then tap on “Reset all to default” 

Update Latest Chrome Version

Sometimes older versions won’t cache on certain updated websites, so you may see the error come up. To resolve this go to “chrome://settings/help” and google will tell you if your Chrome is up to date. If not you’ll be able to update your Chrome Browser.

That’s it! If you follow any or all of these steps, you’ll likely be able to troubleshoot the err_cache_miss error.

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