What are the best smite characters of all time?

The house of Smite covers many Gods and Heroes from many periods of history, from the mighty Thor to the ever-drunk Bacchus. Like other Online Multiplayer Battle Games, they can be overwhelming to choose from, you can simply choose your favorite from the house you prefer.

But there’s also stats and roles to be considered. Refer to the Smite tier list to get the stats of the Smite characters. Here in this article, we have a list of the best Smite characters and their powers.

Best smite characters of all time


They are powered by storms and winds. It is an assassin that specializes in extreme mobility and crowd control. Armed with aoe abilities like Storm Kata, Wind Siphon, Typhoon, and Jet Stream. Susano is one of the best Tricky God to master.


Ravana is a Hindu God that can tear down enemy defenses and it focuses around high single damage and sustained damage over time. Their powerful abilities are Prana onslaught, overhead kick, Mystic rush, and the Hand Shadow Fist.


Possibly Ratatoskr is the cutest God in Smite. It makes an amazing jungler with high mobility. Their abilities are Dart, Flurry, Acorn Blast. Through the Cosmos, you will be gathering high XP throughout the game.


Currently, the Pele is only Polynesian God in the Smite. They excel in a single target damage/ Pyroclast, Eruption, Magma Rush, and Volcanic Lightning will see your enemies become smoking ruins.


With a high damage output, Kali can be sustained. Kali can take down anyone in a given time. Their abilities are Nimble Strike, Lash, Incense, and Destruction will destroy their foe, if it used correctly.


A ranged mage with high damage output and mobility. Portal, Unstable vortex, are the abilities of Janus and threshold, through space and time is not only their own mobility but also their allies. They have two faces since they look into the past and to the future.


Everyone in the world loves dogs, and Fenrir is a dog type Assassin specialist. It has high mobility and hunts down their Foes, you will be using it Unchained. Their abilities are to spot the weakness of their foes, 72 Transformations, and 9 Turn blessing.

Final Words:

I hope that you would have got an idea of which are the most powerful and the best Smite Character. You can share your favorite character in the comment section if we have missed them on our list.

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