Fixing No Sound Error In Chrome For Windows

Do you have any idea about no sound in chrome? Most PC users choose their primary internet clients for Google Chrome. Nevertheless, many of them stated that there were occasions when it was not feasible for this software to play music. You know, there’s an issue with many Chrome users that the device struggles to play music. For most, restarting the application or the whole Windows operating system is the best way to fix this problem. But it’s not always working. 

When that occurs to you, you don’t have to worry. If you want to know how to repair no sound in chrome browser, the fixes can be found in this post. We have brought together different ways to solve the audio issues. 

Before trying out the given methods in this article, you need to do these things first

  • Make sure the sound of your machine isn’t quiet. When you want a web app volume control, make sure the vibration is also noticeable.
  • Ensure that the audio works properly on other web browsers such as Firefox and Explorer. If sound comes from desktop apps, you can also double-check.

Fix No Sound In Chrome - Update The Sound Driver

If something goes wrong with the audio of your computer, one of the first solutions that you should try is to update your sound driver. Yes, having the latest and most compatible driver versions for your Windows system is essential. This ensures the smooth performance of your apps and hardware.

There are two methods of upgrading the drivers use Auslogics Driver Updater manually or automatically. You will realize that the process can take a lot of your time and resources if you want to do it manually. You would need to go to the website of the manufacturer and find your driver’s latest version that is also compatible with your system. If you install the wrong version, you might have more problems with your PC.

We suggest you to use robust software such as Auslogics Driver Updater to automate the process. Only click a button and you can get the device to check your network automatically and search your machine for the correct drivers. In this way, when you are trying to fix no sound in chrome, make sure that you are not making any risky errors.

To Test The Pitch, Use The Volume Mixer

Windows 10 has a feature that helps you to change the volume level for specific applications.

  1. GO  and Click the Sound icon to the lower-right portion of your taskbar.
  2. Choose Open Mixer Size.
  3. Shift the size lever of Chrome to a noticeable point.
  4. Reboot Chrome and play any audio or video to test if the problem is solved.

Note: If you don’t see Chrome’s volume switch, try playing your browser’s music.

Disabled Extensions

Extensions enable consumers with a great Chrome browsing experience. For beginners, you should use AdBlock if you want to block advertising from embedding in the web pages you are visiting. These extensions, on the other hand, may interfere with your browser and cause audio problems. So, if you want to fix sound issues on Chrome, disabling your extensions would be advisable. Only take the following steps:

  1. Fill your browser with Chrome.
  2. Tap Google Chrome Customize and Monitor. By clicking the address bar on the three vertical dots, you can access this option.
  3. Choose Further Options and then select Extensions.
  4. Disable all of the browser’s enabled plugins.
  5. Restart your device and verify if you have solved the audio question.

You can also try to isolate the extent of the problem. You should activate the extensions one by one until you figure out who is responsible for the sound problems.

Reinstall The Chrome Browser

Finally, if nothing works, Chrome may need to be reinstalled. Next, Google Chrome and all its instances are locked. You can do this by clicking on the “X” in the top-right corner, or by right-clicking on the Taskbar to make sure everything is closed, then select the Task Manager.

From here, only scan for all instances of Chrome and press to close them on End Mission.

Press ‘ End ‘ > ‘ Setup ‘ > Applications as well. After that, under ‘ Applications and Compatibility ‘ choose Google Chromes and press the Uninstall button.

Finally, download and install Chrome from the internet.

By following these steps you can fix no sound in chrome error. It is a great solution to enjoy your music in your Chrome.

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