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Robot Media


Robot Media @ Droidcon 2011 London

Robot Media will be at Droidcon 2011 London on October 6 to 7. 13th Cylon Guillermo Lechuga (@glechuga) and Head Robot Hermés Piqué (@hpique) will be prancing around the venue, as well as giving a talk on Android In-App Billing (day 2 at 10:10).

And we’re hiring! If you live and breathe Android and have a passion for interactive content, then we would love to meet you and most likely offer you a job!

Droidcon Tickets are still available.

The Adventures of Simon Pegg featured on the Android Market

The Adventures of Simon Pegg is currently being featured in the Android Market. The app is the comic book tie-in of actor Simon Pegg’s auto-biography, Nerd Do Well. While the Android version is only available in the UK, the iPhone/iPad is available worldwide.


This marks the third time that an Android app developed by Robot Media is featured by Google on the Android Market.


The Adventures of Simon Pegg was produced by Cornerstore Publishing, an imprint of Random House UK. Learn more about the app on its official website.

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Robot Media wins Digital Innovation Award at Digital Book World New York

Digital Book World logo

Robot Media was awarded yesterday the Digital Innovation Award at Digital World Book New York for mobile app Robot 13.

Robot Media -through its comic book branch Robot Comics- was the only European company in competition and the only company nominated twice at the first edition of the Digital Book World Publishing Innovation Award.
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ARA Mirades: a photo gallery app for iPad

ARA (“now” in Catalan) is a multi-platform Catalan newspaper that launched on November 28th 2010. As part of their launch, Robot Media created the ARA Mirades app for iPad, a photo gallery showcasing the most significant pictures of the day with commentary. Users can also browse the backlog of pictures, which can be saved as favorites or shared via Facebook, Twitter or email.

The Adventures of Simon Pegg announced

The Adventures of Simon Pegg is an iPhone/Android/iPad app produced by Cornerstone at the Random House Group and developed Robot Media, based on an original graphic novel written by actor Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead, Star Trek) and illustrated by Gaz Roberts and Blend.

The multi-platform app contains 68 page mobile comic book and is packed with extras, such as character bios, wallpapers and an excerpt from Simon Pegg’s latest book Nerd Do Well.

Learn more about The Adventures of Simon Pegg from its official website: http://www.peggapp.com/

Children’s Bible for iPad

The iPhone best-seller has arrived to iPad worldwide. Produced by BCNmultimedia and developed by Robot Media, Children’s Bible for iPad offers parents and educators the opportunity to introduce the Bible to children through an interactive comic book tailored for the iPad’s high screen resolution.

Children’s Bible is available in 7 languages and also for iPhone, Android and Kindle.

First comic app featured in the Android Market

Android Market screenshot

An app released by Robot Comics, the comics branch of Robot Media, has become the first comic app featured in the Android Market.

The app features Robot 13, a comic by Thomas Hall & Daniel Bradford, and combines transition effects with vibration to create an unique reading experience.

After being featured Robot 13 was downloaded by more than 50,000 additional Android users in just a few days. These are some of their comments:

“Absolutely brilliant. Fantastic illustration and the way it moves from page to page is brilliant. Never seen anything like it before!” -Laura

“This is so cool. It’s the perfect balance between interactive and traditional comic book. It’s a lot of fun to read.” -Aaron

“Very cool I don’t really like comics but this is something I could get addicted to” -john

“Excellent way of writing a story. Love the extras like vibrations and zoom. Awesome. Purely Awesome.” -Cesar

Curious? Download Robot 13 #1, available for free both for Android and iPhone.

Droid Comic Viewer

Droid Comic Viewer is the leading comics and manga reader app for Android devices. Users can view their favorite comics using a fully customizable interface that also offers social network integration. It is widely used in Android mobiles and also in Android tablets such as the Archos 5 Internet Tablet, pictured above.

Art from Erfworld by Rob Balder and Jamie Noguchi.