How to download and install Minecraft shaders

In this article, we are going to show you how to download and install the shaders in Minecraft. Shaders is an incredible mod as it changes the entire visual experience of Minecraft. Adding new lighting, better graphics, and taking the graphics of Minecraft to an entirely new level.

How to Download & Install Shaders

Step 1: Download & Install OptiFine

Shaders are not technically a mod. It is a graphics pack that is installed in a very similar manner to texture packs. The thing is, however, the shader packs aren’t supported by Minecraft. You need to install Optifine in order to get them running.

Step 2: Download a Shaders Pack

After running the Optifine, you can move on to download and install the shaders pack. There are tons of different shaders pack available. It is hard to choose the best and working Minecraft shaders easily. You can check out the best Minecraft shaders list of 2019 and download them easily. Once you have found your shaders pack, it’s time to get it installed.

Step 3: Opening Your Shaders Pack

Open The Minecraft launcher and play the OptiFine version. Click the “Option” button, then click on the “Video Settings” button on the next page, click the “shaders”. Now, click on the Shaders Folder button at the bottom left of the Minecraft, and a folder window will open up. We are finally here.

Step 4: Install the Shaders Pack

The final part is getting the shaders installed to the shaders folder. It’s a pretty easy thing. Just take the shaders to pack you have downloaded in Step 2, this is mostly like moving the download folder on your desktop to the shaders folder you have opened. Close the folder and restart the Minecraft. Be sure of selecting the “OptiFine” version, when you open back, Redo the step 3 after you back in Minecraft, but before opening the Shaders Folder. You can now see the shaders pack that you have installed on this screen. Click done and then go play some Minecraft.

Final Words:

That’s how to download and install the Shaders in mine craft. It is the hardest part of the entire process is getting the shaders folder. If you have any issues on downloading or installing the shaders pack, comment the below section.

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