How to install word cookies on Android

Word Cookies is created by the company BitMango and it is a word puzzle game where the player not only find out the words that are hidden from many mixed letters and also discover words that can be derived from other main words. This game works perfectly on iOS and Android platform.

Tips and Tricks: There are certain words that have been backlisted as a part of the terms and conditions in the game. Finding those words only would not help the player in any way, also not only all of the words might not be blacklisted. The “Hint” button and the “Shuffle” button can be used when the game becomes too challenging. For one press you loose some coins and the remaining words can be found using that.


•Open the Play Store from your Android device.
•Search for the game by entering the game name and press search button.
•Click on the Install button to launch the installation of the game.
•After the installation completed, you can now play the WordCookies on your android phone.


WordCookies has more than 3000+ of different levels with varying degrees of difficulty. At starting, you will have only to find words with three or four letters, but the game gets more and more challenging as you complete levels. You can also check word cookies puzzle answers if you got stuck at some level.

Every time you beat a level, you will get a bunch of coins and use them to unlock clues to progress through a more difficult level.


One needs to look in all directions to search for the words which can be hidden diagonally, vertically, horizontally and even backward also. Once the word has been found, swipe over the let

Word Cookies is a fun word puzzle game with a very smooth learning curve, a charming soundtrack and with a beautiful interface with graphics.

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