How to find and catch all Pokemon types easily

Pokemon in Pokemon Go all fall into one of a few categories called – “Types”. A Pokemon can have one or two types, and the types determine the number of things about that Pokemon. There are 18 different types of Pokemon and each type has it’s own strong, weak or neutral to other types. In this guide, we will cover you, where to find the steel type Pokemon easily.

How to catch Steel-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO:

Steel type Pokemon was introduced in the second-generation Pokemon, with the dark type. They were introduced to balance the Psychic-type and the normal type. As both types were fantastically offensive and the steel type was created for the defense. Steel type is distinguished for a great defense against the physical and special attack resistance. They tend to be heavy and slow too.

Steel type Pokemon can be found most commonly near Railway stations and track, but be careful while hunting there. There are only 2 steel-type Pokemon in this game – Magnemite, and Magneton. In next-generation, 4 other steel-type Pokemons were added, which include Forretress, Steelix, Scizor, and Skarmory.

How to catch Psychic-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO:

Psychic-type Pokemon like Abra can be found near grassy areas,

but it also shows up in the residential areas (mostly at night). A better place to more reliably is in and around the hospitals. The equipment there seems to attract them or something.

How to catch Dark-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO:

Dark-type pokemons can be found in dark places, like cemeteries, landmarks, and cinemas. But make sure to be careful while hunting. In the Gen 2, 6 dark0type Pokemons were added and they are Umbreon, Murkrow, Houndour, Houndoom, Tyranitar.

How to catch Ice Pokemon in Pokemon Go:

Much like Fire Pokemon, we need to go somewhere icy to catch this pokemon. You can also find the Ice-type of Pokemon in grassy areas occasionally and near water more often. Of course, you can also find them anywhere there’s snow or ice, near to you.

How to catch Ghost Pokemon in Pokemon Go:

Though there aren’t many Ghost-type pokemon, it seems to show up occasionally around churches. It also noted that they show up in built-up residential areas like parking area at night time.

How to catch Dragon Pokemon in Pokemon Go:

Dragon-type Pokemons like Dratini are the rare bests. They can be found near any Famous places or landmarks. If a landmark is significant enough to be marked specifically on a map, then it’s a good spot to hunt them.

Final Words:

And that how you can these types of Pokemon’s easily. If we have missed any other places and types which can be found easily, let us know in the comment section.

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