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Children’s Bible for iPad

The iPhone best-seller has arrived to iPad worldwide. Produced by BCNmultimedia and developed by Robot Media, Children’s Bible for iPad offers parents and educators the opportunity to introduce the Bible to children through an interactive comic book tailored for the iPad’s high screen resolution. Children’s Bible is available in 7 languages and also for iPhone, [...]

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A new way to read comics

Our mobile comics are much more than sequential art. Some use animation and sound for key scenes. Others apply different transition effects to convey more information, such as the passage of time. When we want to show images whose energy can’t be contained in a small screens, we use variations of the Ken Burns effect. [...]

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Designing iPhone wallpapers

An iPhone and iPod touch wallpaper is the background image shown when the device is locked. If you want to design an iPhone wallpaper you have to take into account not only the screen resolution (480×320) but also that part of your wallpaper will be covered by the clock and the unlock bar. Below are [...]

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Find your iPhone or iPad UDID

What is the UDID? The UDID is the Unique Device Identifier your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. It is made of 40 letters and numbers and should look something like this: 201145b826635fcc902e1a304d137b4492b6f0be The UDID is constructed from various hardware identifiers such as the device’s serial number. It is guaranteed to be unique for every device but [...]

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Enhanced eBooks

One of the next types of content that we will tackle will be eBooks. So far we made timid experiments on Kindle and iPhone, such as the Dracula’s Guest illustrated app we recently published. With the announcement of iBooks and the launch of the Kindle Development Kit, followed by an imminent Kindle App Store, it [...]

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