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Using JavaScript in iBooks Enhanced ePub

It’s been known for a while that iBooks supports JavaScript on its ePub files, albeit without any technical documentation whatsoever to date. Yet when we started experimenting with JavaScript within iBooks, we couldn’t find any open-source working examples. So we created one. JQuery Hello World is a bare-bones ePub that shows a Hello World alert [...]

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Android Billing Library: in-app billing made simple

Android Billing Library is an open-source Android library to work with Android Market’s in-app billing service. The library provides high-level functions (as simply as requestPurchase(“android.example.purchased”)) for the full in-app billing specification, in addition to an obfuscated transaction database that is automatically populated and can be easily queried. The code also works as an example in-app billing [...]

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RMImageScroller: an open-source image scroller for iOS

RMImageScroller is an open-source image scroller by Robot Media for iOS 3.2 or later. We designed it to show the thumbnails of a sequential image viewer , both on iPhone and iPad and all screen orientations. Features: Images are displayed in an horizontal scrollView. Only visible images are loaded in memory. Optional page numbers (or titles) and [...]

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How to register your mobile app to publish Facebook stories

Mobile apps that want to publish Facebook stories on behalf of an user need to be registered on Facebook first. Here’s how. Step 1: Where? Log in to Facebook and go to Click on + Set Up New App. Tip: The Facebook account that you use will not be visibile to your app users [...]

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How to register your mobile app on Twitter to post tweets

Most mobile apps these days have some kind of Twitter integration. The less the app can do on behalf of an user, the simpler this integration is. Mobile apps that want to post tweets need to be registered on Twitter and cleared by their API team. Here’s how. Step 1: Where? Go to Twitter developers, sign in [...]

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WP Android Shortcode: a WordPress plugin to add links to the Android Market

Linking to Android Market apps is somewhat problematic. Because Android Market links only work from Android devices, the most common way to link to an Android app is to offer a QR code of the app link that can be scanned with an app like Barcode Scanner. However, when browsing from an Android device, a direct [...]

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